Off Balance in the Stream


The Word of God is not an ingredient, it is the biosphere.

One of the timeless enemies of life in Christ is the worldview that Christian life is a recipe of balanced components.  Christian authors define strategies on the rhythm of life. Three-point sermons abound.  Small groups cogitate.  Different recipes prevail in different settings and seasons.  Perhaps the formula is 25% Bible reading, 25% Spirit-leading, 25% cultural engagement, and 25% prayer (or name your categories)?  But where do we find out what abiding in Christ looks like?  Has the idea of “balance” crept in from somewhere else; perhaps the description of outsiders looking in?

I write looking at a $bux cup holder that reads “Know what sparks the light in you.  Then use that light to illuminate the world.”  But what if the light in us is subjective darkness masquerading?  What if intuition remains prone to severe misjudgment even within believers?  Do we truly have the luxury to pick spiritual priorities from preference or is there more to life in Christ than balancing symptoms of salvation?  Pragmatic habits must not be allowed to rule in the place of divine union.

The notion of progress through equilibrium is foreign to Scripture itself.  Deep in the Word, progress is found in submersion in the Object of our affections.  The Bible is a flow of mind-soul interplay; a living water workout that trains our senses to discern between truth and error.  It has components, but balance is not the objective.  It is a stream (for some a rushing river) of words and ideas that revolutionize, ignite, deliver, guide, and transform through escalating reliance.  The flow begins with words; words from the mind of God.  Thus, Christians thrive only by internalizing every known word that has proceeded from the mouth of God.

Creation is speech pouring forth through language and anecdote in the world around us.  Scripture is the breath of God into our minds for its interpretation.  There is no honest way to subdue and balance its role; rather, ours is to be knocked off kilter by the desperation of truthful insight and build upon it as foundation.  It is profitable for becoming more God-like in ways that creatures should be like their creator.  Christians are being transformed by renewing their minds.  Human intellect is God’s idea and bedrock identity of a Christ-follower.  The Word of God is not an ingredient, it is the biosphere.

The Apostle Peter was adamant we fishers of men are not following clever myths.  God’s Word is the one food source intended for indulgence because every calorie equips us for life and godliness.  Life in the Spirit proceeds from the spoken and recorded Word of God.  If we believe otherwise, as evidenced by a tepid enthusiasm for Scripture, we make God in our image instead of being conformed to his.

Get off balance.  Take a dive.  Join the liquid procession, the ever-deepening flow of Scripture that balances only in Infinity Himself.