Shift Left NoMoose 1-11-14A 2 Meanings prayer poem.  With inspiration from Paul’s letter to the Philippians and Rend Collective Experiment.

You are near, Lord, can my heart rejoice?  Your transcendence strikes between my soul and spirit like lightning, your realness a forged looking glass.  Empirical effects ground me.  Reasons to re-relate aerate hardened soil in my mind.  A kingdom without shadows blooms from the clay of my heart.

You are good and make glory believable beyond shrunken assumption.  You are closer than a whisper, close enough to feel my heartbeat.  I kiss the sun in pulsing flashes without beinIMG_0318g blinded, then see without straining.  I become fully present in your presence and rest from unseen futures.

You answer my discontent beyond primitivity of words yet establish my contentment with breathing prose.  I stand amidst truth, purity, and excellence to watch words revealed as creaturely story with infinite plot.  Beauty beckons to high ground, and I am struck.

You are near, Lord, even when tectonic rumbles deflect me from your brilliance.  Can my heart rejoice?  It can.  It will.  It does.