Private Darkness

Ephesians 4:17-32 (2 Meanings Paraphrase):

Don’t live like God-deniers do.  Their understanding darkens as their minds become less and less useful. They lose the ability to understand obvious differences between right and wrong.  Their hardening hearts alienate them from the life that is in God alone.  They pursue sensual impurity and practice to get good at it.

But the truth came to us in Jesus:  Light exists to illuminate our private darkness.  We can turn from tired old lies that corrupt us through deceiving desires.  We can put on the invigorating new self created after the likeness of God.  So put away falsehood.  Let each of us speak the truth with our neighbor, for we are in relationship with one another.

You can tell if your understanding is darkening when your thoughts fill with bitterness, anger, slander, and malice.  But the life of God causes us to be kind to one another, tenderhearted, and quick to forgive.  God is quick to forgive us in Christ when we reach a point of honesty that regards him as worthy of our trust.